Cousin Octavia joins the National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America

Newspaper clipping from an unknown Terre Haute, Indiana Newspaper:


Mrs. O. B. Eichelberger Attains High Honor,
Made Member of Unique American Patriotic Society

Mrs. Octavia B. Eichelberger, of the staff of the Emeline Fairbanks library, has received notice that she has been made a member of the "National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America." In order to be eligible for membership in this society one must be able to trace one's descent and prove that one is descended in the direct paternal line of either father or mother's father from an ancestor who settled in the United States of America by May 13, 1687; and provided that during the Revolutionary war an ancestor in said direct line from father to son, by personal service in a civil or military capacity assisted in establishing American independence. The same name must be used throughout. One is expected, if possible, to give place of residence for each generation, and give proof of generation, together with that of the service of the patriot and that the founder was in America early enough in May, 1687.

Mrs. Eichelberger has several ancestors who were in America before this date, and were among the actual founders of America. She is able through the Burnett line to trace for eight generations back from her father, Linus (Anthony) Burnett, one-time postmaster of Terre Haute, to Thomas Burnett, who settled in Southampton, L.I., in 1643. Aaron Burnett Jr. and William Burnett were in the Revolutionary war from Morris county, New Jersey. Her grandfather, Stephen Grover Burnett, was in the war of 1812, and was one of twenty-five men detailed to fire the national salute from Castle William near New York City, celebrating the close of the war.

The Saxon family of Burnards (as the name was originally spelled) flourished in England before the Norman Conquest (1066). The name appears among the landowners in the Doomsday Book. The Burnards, or Burnetts, appeared in the south of Scotland in the twelfth century. Thomas Burnett, first baronet of Leys, was created a baronet in 1626 and the Burnett coat of arms dates from that time. Since 1505 the name has been Burnett.

Mrs. Eichelberger has devoted much time to genealogical research, and in the preparation of the testimony establishing her right to be named a member of the Daughters of Founders and Patriots, had to have three complete sets of papers. There are 100,000 members of the Daughters of the American Revolution in the United States while there are only 3,224 of the Daughters of Founders and Patriots. There are only 32 of the latter in the state of Indiana, and Mrs. Eichelberger is the only member in Terre Haute.

My first cousin (twice removed) Octavia Burnett Eichelberger, was the daughter of Linus Anthony Burnett, who was the son of Stephen Grover Burnett, Senior. She died 3 August 1934, leaving her genealogical research material to the Vigo County Historical Society, which in turn left it to the Vigo County Public Library. This clipping is from her scrapbook.

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