Thomas Burnett's Will - 1689



In the name of God Amen.

I Thomas Burnett of Southampton in ye east Riding of Yorkshire on Long Island
Husbandman being sick of body but through ye mercy of God in perfect strength of memory, 
blessed be His name for it & not knowing the day of my death doe make this my will 
and testament in manner and form following.

Imprimis I give and bequeath my soule to Christ my redeemer who by His blood has 
purchased the same.

2dly I give my body to ye Earth from whence it was first taken after a decent 
buryale to be made by my Executrix and for my wordly estate I give it as hereafter 

3dly John, Joell, Lott, Hester, Merrium, Priscilla each of them 5 shillings apiece 
to be paid to them by my Executrix.

4thly I give unto my son Aaron Burnett my house and home lott after my wives decease 
and my three acres lots in ye 10 acres lots and at my decease I give unto him my said 
son my ten acres lying at Mecok's gate adjoining to ye land of Jonah Fordham and all 
my ox pasture devission and two heifers and teo steers to be delivered to him by my 

5th1y I give unto my two sons Mordecay and Dan Burnet all my land at a place called 
Cormerants point to be equally divided between them when they shall atain to age of 
one and twenty years, only they shall summer six cows for my wife during her life.

6thly I give to my son Matthias after my said wive's decease my close in ye great 
plains in Halsey Neck.

7thly I give unto my daughter Lois at her day of marriage or at ye age of eighteen 
which shall first happen, ye sum of 10 pounds to be paid unto her by my executrix.

Lastly I by this my last will and testament make my loving wife Mary Burnet sole 
executrix of this my last will and testament and to have all ye residue of my estate 
that is not disposed off and to pay all my debts and legacy as herein mentioned.

In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand seale this sixteenth day of March 
anno deam 1679.

Signed, sealed and delivered in ye presence of

John Ffoster

John Laughton

A true copyy December ye 2 1684

Pr John Howell clerk

Session Book #1, page 161.

(As copied 28 August 1890 by O. B. Ackerly for B. W. Burnet. The spelling and punctuation, or lack thereof is as 
written by Mr. Ackerly.)

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